300 Palestinian Women & Children In Israeli Jails Listed In Exchange For hostage Swap

Currently, there are over 8000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, 3,000 of them have been detained since October 7. Ever since the outbreak, six Palestinian prisoners died in prison. According to testimonies of released detainees and information provided by Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, and the Commission of Detainees, the prisoners have been exposed to violations, torture, and different kinds of physical abuse all of which violate international law.

According to the current humanitarian pause deal that promises the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners, hundreds of families now wait to meet their beloved ones who have been hiding behind bars for years in Israeli prisons.

On Monday, Israel released a list of names of 300 prisoners, 150 of whom will be released from prison. This is in exchange for 50 out of 263 hostages kept by the Hamas group, and the exchange will take place during the four-day halt that both parties agreed upon. Significantly, all of the 300 prisoners on the list are men and women of ages between 14 and 18. Most of them are charged with throwing stones and harming regional security.

Among the names, is Norhan Awad, a Palestinian girl who was detained in 2015, when she was 16 years old. In a recent video, her family members share moments of hope after they saw her name on the list. Her grandmother, says, “I cried yesterday upon hearing the news… cries of joy.” In addition to Nourhan, there are expectations to see the famous prisoner Ahmed Manasra released among them.

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Originally posted 2023-11-23 11:57:25.