Biden Blames “The Other Team” For The Hospital Bombing In Palestine During Conference In Tel Aviv

US President Joe Biden has been the cause of uproar after he put the blame on “the other team” implying Palestine was the cause behind the hospital bombing that took place last night, October 17.

Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference in Tel Aviv during which he said that Washington would provide everything needed for Israel to defend itself if needed while believing that Israel didn’t cause the bombing, saying it was a “failed Palestinian rocket launch,” and “done by the other team.”

During the conference, Netanyahu stated that 1,400 Israelis were killed in the Hamas surprise attack and thanked the United States for their support.

Since October 7, according to authorities in Gaza, the death toll in Palestine has reached over 3000 and 300 at the hospital.

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Originally posted 2023-10-18 14:49:00.