Following A Hospital & Church, Israel Strikes Al Ansari Mosque

In the early morning of October 22, Israeli militants attacked in the northern west bank. The attack caught the residents by surprise, causing a gaping hole in Al Ansari mosque in Jenin refugee camp, two people are dead.

Israel military was targeting a compound beneath the mosque, and justified the attack by claiming that the Islamic Jihad group and Hamas were planning an “imminent attack.”

This comes after the earlier bombardment of the Al Ahli Baptist hospital that reached a death toll of 500 people, followed by the attack on the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrius, Gaza’s oldest church, that killed at least 18 Gazan Christians.

According to the Palestinian Authority News Agency WAFA, at least one person was killed in the strike and several people were injured in the Ansar Mosque compound.

It’s interesting to note that Al Ansar mosque was the center of a siege that happened last July for 48 hours where 12 Palestinians were killed.   

Since October 7, more than 4469 Palestinians killed, more than a thousand arrested, and more than 14,000 injured by Israeli airstrikes and gunfire in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

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Originally posted 2023-10-22 10:20:49.