NYT Writer Forced To Resign As More People Lose Jobs Over Pro-Palestine Stance

The New York Times writer Jazmine Hughes is forced to submit her resignation letter after she signs a Writers Against War On Gaza letter (WAWOG), which condemns the Israel genocide against Palestinian people.

The anti-Gaza letter was signed by Jamie Lauren Keiles, a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine. Among the signers are other writers and journalists from Al Jazeera, Vox Media, and Los Angeles Times.

Her resignation came after New York Times considered it a violation of newsroom policy. Hughes has been working in NYT since 2015. She won the National Magazine Award for profile writing this year.

The on going genocide against Gaza is costing people their careers and speaking out even in democratic countries is becoming increasingly hard. Since the beginning of current events, many have lost their jobs either willingly or not due to clash of interest. Among them is Craig Mokhiber, the ex-director of the New York office of the Unites Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Josh Paul, state department official in America resigned after America’s “blind support” for Israel.

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