Palestinian Artist Dalal Abu Amneh Arrested By Israeli Forces Over Pro-Palestine Post

Israeli forces have arrested the Palestinian singer Dalal Abu Amneh for her pro-Gaza social media post that read “There is no one above Allah.” Samya Ayash, a writer shared through her personal Instagram account the news of Abu Amneh’s arrest. The Palestinian singer, producer, and research doctor has spurred debate on social media, making it a top search on Facebook. Yesterday, the 40-year-old renowned singer attended her first judicial trial after she was detained by Israeli officials and interrogated.

According to newspapers, the minister of Justice proposed amendments to the constitution that involve prohibiting social media posts that insinuate support or sympathy with “terrorist” organizations like Hamas.

Abu Amneh’s arrest puts the intensive Israeli police detention campaign under the spotlight that was triggered in parallel with the ‘Aqsa Flood ‘operation. Most of the detained are spotted on social media posts that express their solidarity with Gaza.

In 1987 when Abu Amneh was only four years old, Abo Amna took her talent to the ‘Spring Princess’ competition only to win and set off a glamorous career in music. The Syrian singer Asala among other gigantic musical figures has cited Abo Amna’s talent.

Her dedication to her country was showcased in her career. She dedicated an album about her homeland Palestine called “About My Homeland”. Along with that, she performed in many prestigious Arab operettas. She is famous for her songs “Alby W Rohy Fadak”, and “Khaleny Fi Balak.”

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Originally posted 2023-10-18 07:54:22.