RUEFF | The Beginning of an End: Why Make Cornell Pay Matters

I get it, you’ve read a lot of articles this month about the Make Cornell Pay movement. You heard about the draft settlement last week and the strike on Monday, and maybe you even knew about the council vote on Wednesday. Regardless, you may or may not agree that Cornell ought to pay Ithaca more (as long as it doesn’t increase your tuition — which it won’t).

But you’re tired of hearing about the Make Cornell Pay movement. It’s not like you can do anything to convince a couple of snobby bureaucrats to just “give up” a piece of their precious endowment. And even if you could, why bother? It’s just one school in one town, after all.

Well, here’s one more article about Make Cornell Pay that will show you — with data and everything — why this movement is such a huge freaking deal and what exactly you can do about it. If this is your first time ever hearing of Make Cornell Pay, I’d encourage you to read this article. 

Originally posted 2023-10-11 21:21:40.