SENZON | Viewing Your Life Through a Long-Term Lens

If someone were to ask me how I’m doing at the moment, I’d feel the pressure to lie through my teeth and tell them that I’ve never been better. Given the series of events that have unfolded in my life as of late — from getting slammed with exams to losing sight of the long-term goal — this could not be any less true. 

Being overworked and feeling imbalanced is a theme the Fall semester builds that has a sense of annuity to it. I recall feeling similarly last year and felt this pressure to keep it to myself. I’m still searching for an answer as to why people experience hardship and feel pressured to reserve themselves. This sense of isolation that comes with keeping your problems to yourself only tends to do more damage. With that, I’m trying to practice transparency by making more efforts to talk through the things that bother me with a friend; though, this can become challenging in practice when you have trouble pinpointing problem areas in your life. 

You need to start understanding your why factor and setting goals to strategically approach anything that might currently be or have the potential to become a hurdle in your life. For instance, I have recurring meetings for two obligations that frequently overlap. I have to determine the first priority and cancel certain meetings in order to attend the next one. In my experience as a chronically busy person, prioritization has helped a lot with sifting through my sometimes never-ending to-do lists.

Even with good habits like prioritization, I find myself sitting at a place in my life where I struggle to strike a balance. At the moment, it feels like there’s barely even enough time to address problematic thought patterns and fixations. I know many students can relate to feeling like there’s not enough time to be a student. The pre-professional atmosphere at Cornell can become overbearing at times when you’re being pulled in every direction all at once. It’s in these times that it’s most important to remember what our long-term goals are –– far too many people forget exactly what or why they are working towards something without realizing that the experience of getting to the end goal is just as important as achieving it. I think of the cliché phrase: “Life is about the journey, not the destination” which reminds me that I should be wistfully willing to move more quickly.