SEX ON THURSDAY | A Written Guide on Sex: Sex Abroad, and How It Changed Me

Fall semester is almost halfway through, and many Cornellians are looking forward to their spring study abroad. Besides the packing lists and travel research, how should one prepare for the unavoidable potential of sex with new people in an unfamiliar place? Luckily, I’ve returned from study abroad with some new sexual experiences and understandings under my belt. So, without much further ado, I present my top ten lived-and-learned tips for sex while abroad (Note: safety and pleasure are the priority. Always make sure those are in place.)

Know where you’re going, but be prepared to learn. This is fairly obvious and is going to be my most overlap with the (official) Cornell study abroad orientation. Sex, hookup culture and dating are going to be different depending on where you are. People may be more or less sexually outgoing or explicit than you’re used to. No matter how much research you do beforehand, some things you just have to experience for yourself. Take the time to observe or ask some gentle questions of the locals.

Try not to hook up with your fellow American students during orientation. While it may be tempting to get with someone more familiar-seeming during your first week, try to prioritize making friends. Chances are, having sex with the cute-ish guy from Rhode Island won’t be as fun or convenient as it seems. Plus, you are likely living with and taking classes with these people. Leave the awkward run-ins in Ithaca. 

Originally posted 2023-10-05 20:21:07.