They Are Not Just Numbers: Who Was Palestinian Artist Inas Al Saqqa & What Was Her Impact?

In one of her theatre scenes, Inas Al Saqa screamed “My children oh world, my children are under the rubble.” Then on October 31, Israeli bombardments killed the leading Palestinian writer and theatrical actress Inas and three of her children Lina, Sarah, and Ibrahim. The other two Rita, and Farah remain severely injured.

الممثلة الجميلة، خفيفة الروح، ابنة الحياة إيناس السقا
وبناتها لين وسارة… وابنها إبراهيم
أما بناتها فرح وريتا، ففي…

Posted by Khaled Juma on Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Al Saqa 53, who graduated from Al Quds University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services, has an extensive career in theatre. She is a writer, intellectual, engineer, and theatrical artist. and a mother. Her most recent accomplishment is taking part in the award-winning 2014 film ‘Sarah’, besides having participated in the writing and directing of several plays like “The Bear”, “Women of Gaza and Ayoub’s Patience”, and “Everything is Fine”. In addition to that, she gave numerous drama and leadership workshops.

On November 4th, another Palestinian artist Tarek Daban was killed in Gaza. The Palestinian Ministry of Culture announced the death of both artists. Hauntingly, an earlier Facebook post on Al Saqa’s account says: “Sometimes one looks back at his own past, only to find one came out of a massacre alive.”

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