Palestinian and Israeli Women Side By Side Calling For Peace

Last week, October 4, Palestinian and Israeli women have come together to strive for peace in a march in Jerusalem calling for peace. This march comes before the current Israel-Hamas conflicts.

The Palestinian movement, Women Of The Sun and Israeli movement of Women Wage Peace have joined forces to march for peace.

The two movements have been in partnership for two years now and this recent initiative unites two movements together. 

Palestinian and Israeli women were seen marching side by side for one cause, with a large banner that read Israeli and Palestinian mothers changing reality. 

Negotiators based in Israel as well as international lawmakers took part in the march including Sonya McGuinness, Irish ambassador-designate, and Viviane Teitelbaum, a part of Belgium’s territorial parliament and vice-president of European Women’s Campaign. 

Reem Hajjar, founder of Women Of The Sun said, “We no longer take the back seat and are determined to act persistently to end the cycle of bloodshed and to achieve freedom and a just, honorable life for Palestinian and Israeli children”. 

The march follows the recent attacks from both sides leading to the eruption of protest world-wide including, England and Australia.

Originally posted 2023-10-11 11:32:54.