SCHWARZ | Anti-Semitism at Cornell and Beyond: Then and Now

I not only have taught and written with great pleasure at Cornell for 56 years, but I have also been treated very well here. For those reasons, this is a difficult piece to write.

We at Cornell do not want to become the poster people for blatant anti-Semitism on campuses, and we do not think it reflects the reality of what has been happening here. We are mortified to hear on CNN or read in the New York Times about one student arrested for spouting anti-Semitic bile or one professor expressing “exhilaration” from Hamas’s actions on Oct. 7, where they slaughtered and kidnapped Jewish babies and Jewish elderly.

In fact, the campus has not devolved into chaos. Nor has anyone been physically harmed. Despite a fraught environment, most faculty and students have been going to classes and doing what they usually do. Yes, Jewish students have felt uncomfortable, especially before the student culprit was arrested, but almost all attended and kept up with classes.

Originally posted 2023-11-08 05:59:33.