Meta Double Standards? Gaza Journalist Motaz Azaiza Has Account Briefly Suspended

Palestinian Journalist and Photographer Motaz Azaiza from Gaza who has been vocal about the series of incidents of Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza, recently had his Instagram account with over 2 million followers suspended briefly. 

The censored account comes after Azaiza was filming the atrocities unfolding and later learned of the loss of 15 relatives of his in the attacks turning homes into rubble.

Azaiza then created a backup account under Motagaza which gained over 1 million followers within 24 hours.

Disproportionate double standards of media coverage of the Palestine-Israel conflict continue to be displayed on many screens on mainstream media outlets across social media platforms.

Other pro-Palestinian censorship includes UK-based rapper by the name of Lowkey, whose song, ‘Terrorist?’ speaks on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was recently taken down from the artist’s main YouTube account.

The disparity between Eastern and Western coverage is often noticeable during TV interviews and media reporting of events, and these are just a few cases.

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Originally posted 2023-10-14 11:19:57.